Urgent Care For Lower Extremity Trauma

If you have a medical emergency involving ankles or feet, consider visiting us at:Foot & Ankle Specialists of New MexicoSame or next-day appointments are oftentimes available for emergent problems related to sprains and fractures of the foot and ankle, along with diabetic wounds, puncture wounds, and foreign body injuries. Office hours are M-F from 8:30 – 5:00. Our doctors are on staff at both Presbyterian and Lovelace Hospitals.

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toenail fungusConsidering that each foot has 112 ligaments, 33 joints and 28 bones and that it covers an approximate 1000 miles in each and every year, it’s not a wonder to find out that millions of us globally are affected by foot and ankle problems. Since October 2010, Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico has been an urgent care facility providing the right foot and ankle treatment options that will get the patients back to their feet once again. By utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques and the state-of-art technology, Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico has grown to be recognized as a technologically advanced center that handles foot and ankle problems in New Mexico.

In the State of New Mexico, Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico is one of the largest, privately owned and independent podiatric practices. The center has internationally recognized and licensed doctors; orthotists, technicians and four licensed, board-certified surgeons who are specialized in foot and ankle surgery. The group of specialists at the center are driven towards providing utmost patient care and services that will help the patients to regain back their activities using the least invasive procedure and in the minimum amount of time possible.


Advanced Treatment Provided

When Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico opened up podiatric practices in 1992, the goal was to offer leading-edge foot and ankle care services. To achieve their goals, the podiatric center has employed the most advanced state-of-art technology available. To determine what foot and ankle problem a patient is suffering from, a reputable physician at the center first analyzes the patient’s unique physical condition, and their personal and professional demands before recommending the best course of treatment. Some of the advanced foot and ankle treatment options provided here include Arthrosurface Joint Replacement Of The Great Toe.

To keep the joint of the great toe intact and essentially normal, Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico uses Arthrosurface treatment to replace the missing cartilage within the joint with a plastic implant that resembles the cartilage. Arthrosurface treatment has been proven useful in treating patients that have cartilage degeneration on the ankle and big toe. This is a minimally invasive procedure that enables the doctor to keep the joint intact and maintain its natural range of motion.

Minimally Invasive Tendon And Fascia Repair (Tenex Health)

Research has shown that approximately 7 million Americans suffer from plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico stands in the forefront to pursue relief from this common and painful condition. The state-of-the art orthotic lab is on site at the Juan Tabo location. No other practice in the state has an on-site lab for fabrication adjustments of custom orthotics and braces molded from the patient’s own anatomy.

Timely And Efficient Patient Care

To facilitate treatment of different foot and ankle conditions, Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico proudly offers clinics in Albuquerque, Edgewood, Rio Rancho, Tucumcari, and Grants . All satellite clinics are equipped with modern medical tools such as x-rays, ultrasounds and MRI equipment so as to facilitate proper and timely diagnosis. The clinics also maintain privileges with modern surgical centers within their respective locations.

Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico at 5111 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM serves the following communities: Albuquerque, Los Lunas South, and Belen.

Call our Appointment Hotline at (505) 219-2940 to schedule a consultation.

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