Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Ankle Sprains & Chronic Instability

An ankle sprain, also known as sprained ankle, is a tear of one or multiple ligaments in an ankle. The most common ankle injury is the inversion ankle sprain which leads to the tearing of ligaments on the outside of an ankle. If the ligaments don’t heal well unsteadiness might result. Ankle sprains are common sports related injuries in both kids and adults. If you have played any sport in the past, chances are you have experienced a sprained ankle. In spite of what triggered it, an ankle ligament is subjected to a great amount of force.

Should you seek medical advice?

A simple answer to this question is, yes. Severe ankle pain ought to be evaluated by foot surgeons, especially if it follows an injury. Since ankle sprains are common, a vast majority of people underestimate them. They don’t understand how serious underestimated ankle sprains can be. A neglected ankle sprain can result in long term pain and instability which might require a great deal of money to treat.

Symptoms of an ankle sprain

Like all types of sprains, pain on the surface of an ankle and the foot is the primary symptom. One might experience an immense amount of pain in the ankle that worsens whenever pressure, however small, is applied to the affected foot. In most cases, pain is located outside the ankle bone and over the ligaments making it difficult for some people to place a foot on the ground. Also, bruise can be spotted on the injured foot. Bruise is produced as a result of torn and ruptured vessels. In most cases, the affected area swells because of the bleeding and tearing of ligaments in the ankle. The amount of pain as a result of swelling, however, may vary depending on the severity of the injury. Some patients can hardly walk because the normal foot structure has been altered owing to the torn ligaments.

How we diagnose the intensity of a sprained ankle

podiatry medical careFoot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico, one of the highest rated ankle institutes, evaluates and treats sprained ankles as well as chronic ankle instability. We have a team of well trained doctors who will evaluate your ankle using the latest medical technology. The first visit involves looking for stability as well as abnormal rotation in order to identify the intensity of the injury and how to treat it. Our physicians will then do muscle testing in order to evaluate weakness or injury. Differentiating between an ankle sprain and an ankle fracture may be difficult, and at times foot surgeons may perform an x-ray. The doctor will take X-rays to ascertain if there are other fractures from a ligament injury. In severe cases, the doctor will take special stress x-ray to ascertain the intensity of damage. While rare, the physician may order an MRI scan if he suspects a severe damage to your ligaments. Physicians at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico may also order a CT scan to determine the loose pieces of the bone or bone injury.

Treatments for severe sprained ankles and ligament tears

A doctor will explain to you that a well treated ankle sprain generally heal properly. However, overworking your ankle before regaining your fitness can result in more sprains. Protecting your ligament properly after the sprain can result in a better lasting outcome.

Prescribed therapy

After carefully assessing your condition, our doctors will prescribe proper therapies. This might include cold therapy and compression. They may also prescribe more aggressive treatment options depending on the intensity of your injury. Studies show that 30% of sprained ankle may continue with pain and swelling for some time and require aggressive treatments. In such cases, a surgery is required.

Why you should be treated by us?

Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico is one of the highest rated providers of foot and ankle care in the US and it’s easy to see why. They have well trained medical staff who will evaluate and treat your ankle problem correctly and professionally. From warm reception and evaluation of sprained ankle to any surgical care, these professionals will help get your life back on track. Because Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico was established by doctors who were passionate about educating, it has grown to become a leader in internists, emergency rooms and physical therapists concerning the importance of treating patients in a timely and comprehensive manner. Our proven track record should give patients confidence that we will offer them the best treatment.

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