custom shoe fittingEach year we take a million steps. With all that moving, it’s not surprising that our feet get injured and develop issues. A complex part of your body, each foot consists of an intricate network of ligaments, bones, muscles and tendons. Considering such a multifarious body part, it’s easy for things to go wrong. Strong feet are necessary to support and balance the entire body. Pain isn’t just bothersome, foot problems can hinder everyday activities and cause problems with posture and movement. From fallen arches and calluses to broken bones and ingrown nails, foot problems can vary from run-of-the-mill to serious. No matter what is causing your discomfort, Foot and Ankle Specialists will help you get back on your feet!

About Our Clinic:

albuquerque podiatristLocated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our practice boasts a team of fully-qualified health professionals able to diagnose, treat, manage or help prevent any medical condition affecting the feet and ankles. Our cutting-edge practice uses extraordinary care and relies on a wide range of therapies and practices to relieve foot pain and treat medical problems. We pride ourselves on running a patient-centered practice. Using the latest advances in podiatry, we tailor treatment to the individual. Our state-of-the-art care can improve your quality of life and overall comfort.

Our Services

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Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico – Albuquerque

No matter if the patient is a child or an older person or if the problem is an everyday frustration or a serious injury, Foot and Ankle Specialists always offers the best professional advice. Our expert team treats a variety of issues using advanced methods with minimal side effects. Our treatment services range from general podiatry to diabetic foot assessments, ingrown toe nail surgery, sports injuries, CAM walkers, and more. Common foot and ankle problems we treat include Morton’s Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, bunions, and fallen arches. If needed, our podiatrists can prescribe custom-made Orthotics to help correct any misalignment in the feet. In addition to alleviating pain, this can help improve posture.

Why Choose Us?

Accurate and Early Diagnosis

When not diagnosed carefully and quickly, some foot problems can worsen and develop complications. At Foot and Ankle Specialists in Rio Rancho, our staff has the training and experience necessary to diagnose and evaluate the condition. Our medical team stays up-to-date with the latest medical advances and developments in podiatry. We are dedicated to helping you understand all our treatment offers and to choose the most appropriate approach for you.

Licensed Staff

Not only are all our podiatrists licensed and certified with the state, our clinic is equipped with the latest products and cutting-edge technology to provide the highest quality care to our patients. We are patient-focused and welcome any queries regarding our various treatments and therapies.


new patient formsWe have contracts with all major insurances including Lovelace, BCBS, and Presbyterian. We also offer services to help guide you through filing a claim or assist you if you need to dispute denied claims.

Easy-to-Book Appointments

We make booking an appointment easier than ever. Our hotline number is available 24 hours a day. Call us anytime and book your appointment with one of our many specialists.

Other Features

Your feet go through a lot each day. Standing for long periods of time, rigorous physical activity, and ill-fitted or uncomfortable shoes are some of the reasons for a variety of foot and ankle issues.

Our in-house shoe store offers quality foot and ankle products. Don’t want to come to our location? No problem! Our products are offered online, too!

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