Importance of Foot Health and Taking Care of Your Feet

Throughout the day, your feet carry the weight of your whole body. Therefore, in case you’re experiencing any foot problems, they can quickly lead to a lot of discomfort and even affect the way you walk. In fact, foot problems can also lead to hip, knee and back pain. Thus, it is important to consult an experienced foot doctor in a timely manner. If you use appropriate medications and invest some time into caring for your feet, you will be able to prevent many serious problems later in life. In simple words, you need to be kind to your feet. In order to keep your feet healthy, you should:

Examine your feet on a regular basis

  • Wear soft and comfortable shoes that fit perfectly
  • Daily wash your feet with lukewarm water and soap
  • Trim toe nails and don’t leave them too long

Importance of Foot Health

Most people have no idea that foot health can be a major clue to a person’s overall health. For instance, joint stiffness in your ankle could mean arthritis. Similarly, numbness or tingling can be a clear sign of diabetes. Swelling in your feet might indicate heart disease, kidney problem or even high blood pressure. Therefore, taking care of your feet and regular foot checks are a very important part of your overall health care. In case you experience any problems in your feet, you should consult a foot doctor immediately.

There is no reason to ignore any kind of foot problems or suffer through them just because you think they’re only affecting your feet. In fact, ignoring foot problems can be one of the most major mistakes you commit in life. In case you’re unable to walk comfortably, you are likely to stop being physically active. This can significantly reduce your quality of life. Besides this, sedentary lifestyle can be associated with many serious problems like heart disease and some types of cancer. Some of these can even be life-threatening. In case you experience a lot of pain in your feet and feel discomfort, you may avoid exercising or even moving around. This is the right time to schedule an appointment with a certified foot doctor or podiatrist. A simple consultation can let you know what’s wrong with your overall health.

Taking Care of Your Feet

First of all, It is very important to keep your diabetes under control. Therefore, you need to follow your doctor’s advice regarding exercise, nutrition and medication. This will help you keep glucose levels within a recommended range. You also need to focus on cleanliness and hygiene. You should wash them properly everyday with a mild soap. You should constantly check your feet for blisters, sores, calluses, redness or other problems. If your feet are very dry, you should regularly apply lotion after you dry and wash your feet. However, never put lotion between the toes. Ask your foot doctor about a good lotion and moisturizing agent. In order to tackle foot problems, you should wear closed-toed slippers and shoes. You should avoid wearing sandals or walking barefoot, even in your own house. You should always keep your feet covered with stockings or socks. You should wear elastic stockings or socks in which your feet fit perfectly. Similarly, you should also wear shoes that fit you perfectly. Shoes made of leather or canvas will be perfect for you. Some specialty stores also sell extra wide shoes. They will allow some extra room for your feet and give you some comfort. Before wearing your shoes, you should check the inside of shoes to make sure there are no objects inside, left by mistake. It is also important to protect your feet from cold and heat.

Therefore, if you’re on the beach or hot pavement, you should wear shoes. At night, you should wear socks whenever you feel cold. At regular intervals, you should get your feet checked by your foot doctor. A medical professional will be able to properly diagnose any foot problems. It is also important to conduct an annual foot exam that may include a thorough inspection of your skin, monitoring the temperature of your feet and a thorough assessment of any sensation in your feet. Every quarter, you should consult a podiatrist for regular check ups. This is even more important if you’re suffering from diabetes. Need a foot doctor in Albuquerque, NM?

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