Foot and ankle injuries are debilitating, complex and common health ailments experienced by many individuals across the globe. Research has shown that almost every individual will experience some degree of foot and ankle problem at a certain stage in their lifetime. Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico since October 2010 has been providing comprehensive care for the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and surgery of any form of foot and ankle problem.
Foot and ankle conditions such as arthritis, ligament injuries, Achilles tendon, fractures and sprains are treated by a group of well trained foot and ankle specialists. To ensure effective treatment and quick return to foot function, the group of specialists within the center work in corroboration with four other board certified foot and ankle surgeons, sport medicine physicians, shoe fitting experts (pedorthist) and cosmetologists so as to provide successful foot and ankle surgery, luxurious spa and manage common sports related foot and ankle injuries. Although some of the foot and ankle problems are inherited most of them come from lifetime foot and ankle injuries, abuse and neglect such as not seeking medical attention or wearing improper footwear. Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico, PC handles all foot problems such as wound care and diabetic foot care.

Diabetic foot care program

Foot and Ankle Specialists Albuquerque – of New Mexico diabetic foot and wound care program was developed with the motive to minimize the burden of foot and wound problems in patient having diabetes. This is through cutting-edge research, education, treatment and state of-the-art evaluation. The program initial process involves screening of patient through measuring ankle brachial indices, vibration sensation therapy and barefoot plantar pressure. During the process, foot ulcers as a result of poor footwear are handled. The standard treatment approach at diabetic foot clinic includes comprehensive wound care, offloading through cast walker and total contact cast.

Foot and ankle surgery

hospital privilegesAlthough 95% of foot and ankle problems heal naturally, there are some that requires surgery. The team of four board-certified physicians specialized in podiatric surgery first analysis the foot and ankle conditions through diagnostic procedures including fluoroscope, ultrasound and x-ray. Based on the outcome, the physicians will determine the course of action. Podiatric surgeons at this center are well experienced in modern surgical techniques including joint replacement, arthroscopy, minimally invasive surgery, ringed external fixation, osteotomies, fusions and other complex foot and ankle conditions.
Common forms of foot and ankle surgery handled at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico, PC following comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation include toe pin care, Triple Arthrodesis, Ankle Arthroscopy, Subtalar Fusion, Ankle Fusion, Neuromas, Talofibular Fusion, Cheilectomy, Ankle Replacement, Midfoot Fusion, Calcaneocuboid Fusion and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Common foot and ankle surgery conditions

  • Apart from surgery, Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico – Albuquerque, PC also treat the following foot conditions;
  •  Heel pain: When the Achilles tendon is inflamed the heel pain will be felt radiating from behind the heel. During this time, the skin may swell or redden following application of slight pressure on the affected area. Heel pain results after wearing ill-fitting shoes or running too much.
  • Heel fracture: A heel fracture can break as a result of application of high energy injuries on the bone in the back of the foot.
  • Foot or ankle arthritis: Arthritis of the foot results from age.
  •  Bunions: This is pain radiating from the big toe. It could be because of wearing ill-fitting shoes or genetically inherited.
  • Broken ankle: This could occur when the ankle joint is severed due to either trauma, falling, twisting of the ankle or rolling.
  • Achilles Tendonitis: When the Achilles tendon is inflamed due to degeneration or overuse, pain and swelling may result.

Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico provides comprehensive rehabilitation, treatment and diagnosis services for all forms of foot and ankle problems. Our staff is well trained and consists of experienced surgeons, certified pedorthists, nurse, clinicians, podiatrists, and licensed technicians deliver comprehensive care that handles all the problems of the foot and ankle. All the specialists within the center are highly trained in the surgical and nonsurgical care that covers a wide range of problems affecting the foot and ankle. Such additional problems handled include Plantar fasciitis and heel spur, Reconstructive Surgery, Ligament Reconstruction, Rheumatologic Deformities, Orthotic Evaluation & Fitting, Diseases of the Skin and Nails, Bunion & Hammertoe Correction and Soft Tissue Masses.

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