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custom orthotics albuquerqueCustom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are specifically designed to help correct any minor or major misalignments in your foot, alleviate pain in the leg or foot or improve a person’s balance and posture. Customized orthotics are either integrated into your shoe’s design or properly inserted into a shoe to make them a part of your shoe’s sole. Customized orthotics are quite different from basic inserts which you can easily buy at any local store. The primary reason is that they’re designed to conform to the exclusive and unique shape of your foot.

How Does The Process Work?

A lot of podiatrists, doctors and many other medical professionals order custom orthotics once they have successfully obtained your foot’s cast. The cast can be easily created by taking a standard impression of your feet. One foot is measured at a time. There are many different kinds of casts. However, the most common one looks like a basic box that has sufficient space for only one foot. You can just place your bare foot into this box, and make the malleable surface conform to the shape and size of your foot.

Once you lift the foot out of this box, the unique shape of your foot becomes quite evident. In other words, an impression is created to help the health care professionals develop a cast. These molds are sent to a business organization where a high end laboratory uses innovative techniques that can help stabilize your foot and rectify any problems. With a few weeks, the complete customized orthotics can be delivered to you. In most cases, custom orthotics are manufactured from very stable rubber materials. Some of them even have extra padding depending on your weight.

Take Time to Get Used to

When you start using custom orthotics for the first time, you may not feel comfortable. In fact, you may feel that they don’t fit well or make your shoes feel heavy. However, once you’ve used them for about a week, they will conform to your foot size and shape. Thus, you will feel completely comfortable. A lot of people wearing customized orthotics notice positive results within a few weeks of consistent use. It is worth mentioning that custom orthotics can be easily created for almost any type or size of shoe. Whether you want them for flat or high heeled shoes, they can perfectly fit inside the shoe. However, it is important to understand that some shoes may be too shallow for customized orthotics. Thus, when you’re buying shoes to slip orthotics in them, you need to make sure they will be worn comfortably. You should check with a retailer if your new shoes would be compatible with orthotics.

Other Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Contrary to popular belief, orthotics are not just meant for people suffering from foot pain. They can also help people who suffer from pain in their knees or hips, back pain and even people managing arthritis related pain. It is important to understand that foot pain may be caused by many different health issues, including diabetes. Orthotics can also help with this problem. Custom orthotics are always specifically tailored to every person’s needs, requirements and problems. In simple terms, this means that an athlete or runner who experiences foot pain may receive a specific kind of treatment, while a person suffering from inflamed ligaments or broken bones may receive a very different orthotics treatment. It is very important to understand that orthotics are designed to make sure that your ligaments, bones and tendons in the lower legs and feet are positioned and aligned properly. This can help ease the stress and pain on your feet, and substantially improve the overall functioning of the muscles in your legs and feet over time. Pain and stress on your feet can cause many different problems. If left untreated, it may lead to some severe issues regarding many different kinds of health disorders. If you want to know more about custom orthotics, you should definitely seek a professional’s help. Orthotics designed by a professional will improve the endurance and strength in your legs and feet.

While choosing a company providing such services, you need to focus on experience and expertise. It is very important to choose a highly reputed company which focuses on resolving your problem.

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