The ankle joint is one of the most crucial joints in the body. It allows a person to move the foot properly, and keeps him balanced while standing, walking and running. It is important to understand that your ankle joint involves three different bones – Talus (ankle bone), Tibia (inner leg bone) and Fibula (outer leg bone). Your anklebone is connected in a hinge-like fashion with two leg bones. This creates the mortise-like anatomy of the ankle. Whenever you run or walk, a lot of pressure is placed on your ankle.

An Overview of Ankle Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common problems affecting your joints. It is a basic condition that deteriorated and destructs the cartilage within the joint. Cartilage is a thin, smooth layer of very soft tissue. It covers the surface of the bones on either side of your joint. The primary purpose of cartilage is to ensure that two bones don’t fuse with each other. Movement of your body parts is caused by cartilage in combination with joints.

Cartilage handles a lot of pressure and force. It can properly absorb the force placed on the joint. However, when some unnecessary force is applied, cartilage may weaken and cause problems. Cartilage also weakens when you suffer from a fracture. Damaged cartilage can create more pressure on your joint, and lead to the bones move along the damaged surface. This erodes the cartilage even more. Such erosion is the primary cause of arthritis.

Ankle Arthritis Treatment Options

Advancements in technology have led to many treatment programs for ankle arthritis. People can choose from both traditional techniques and surgical treatments. The doctor needs to consider many important factors to determine a suitable treatment program. A doctor needs to take an integrated approach to cure any damage to your cartilage.

It is important to understand that arthritis does not have just one cure. A lot of options need to be considered to come up with an appropriate treatment plan. A suitable treatment program will determine the outcome. Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico – Albuquerque have used their rich experience and expertise to come up with the Mortons Neurom Treatment. It can be perfect to treat ankle arthritis.

orthopedic shoe fittingCustom Foot Orthotics and Bracing – There are many people who get some relief with simple strategies and techniques with ankle arthritis. Custom orthotics and bracing can be quite effective to resolve such problems. Custom orthotics can also control your range of motion at the ankle and below it. This eliminates unnecessary stress and burden placed on the joint. It can provide you with some relief and alleviate pain. It is worth mentioning that custom foot orthotics and bracing are effective with only minor problems with your ankle joint.

Custom braces can also cross your ankle joint, and provide you with some relief. Braces can easily limit the range of motion to reduce unnecessary stress on the ankle joint. Less motion always leads to reduced discomfort and less pain. You can also change the braces to allow basic movement. If you don’t want any movement, braces can be unhinged.

SUPARTZ Injections – Hyaluronic Acid is the basic substance that lays the foundation for joint cartilage. When you take injections of this substance, it can provide you with increased mobility and reduced discomfort. This procedure needs to be performed 2-6 times in 1-2 weeks. Until now, it’s not clear how long a patient would take to show any positive results.

A patient can take as many injections as he can take without experiencing any side effects or discomfort. Most of the time, this procedure is perfect for patients who are suffering from a minor ankle arthritis problem. It is important to understand that SUPARTZ injections don’t replace or create cartilage.

Medical professionals at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico have rich expertise and experience to come up with a wide range of effective procedures and treatments. Ankle Arthritis Albuquerque. This allows Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico to provide customized plans.

Professionals at the Foot & Ankle Specialists of Albuquerque New Mexico values and understands the functioning of your ankle. They also respect people who want to try conservative and non invasive treatments. You can choose from many different options before making the final choice.

From realignment procedures to cartilage transplantation and from joint lubrication to arthroscopic debridement, Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico will be the best choice for ankle arthritis treatment.

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